December 9 – 15, 2024
Tiburón Golf Club & The Ritz-Carlton Naples, Tiburón

The Grant Thornton Invitational will be contested over three rounds and consist of 18 holes of Scramble, 18 holes of Foursomes (Alternate Shot) and 18 holes of Modified Four-Ball.


Round 1 | Friday, December 13

Each player hits a tee shot and then the team selects the ball to be used for the next stroke. From there, both players hit their next shots from that spot. This process continues until the ball is holed. 

Foursomes (Alternate Shot)

Foursomes (Alternate Shot)

Round 2 | Saturday, December 14

Each player on a team alternate hitting shots with the same ball until the ball is holed.  One player tees off on the odd-numbered holes, and the other tees off on the even-numbered holes.

Modified Four-Ball

Round 3 | Sunday, December 15

Both players tee off, and then they switch balls for their second shots and play that same ball until it is holed. The lower score of the partners is then counted as the team score for the hole.

Modified Four-Ball

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