December 9 – 15, 2024
Tiburón Golf Club & The Ritz-Carlton Naples, Tiburón

Read a transcript of the post-Round 2 interview with Nelly Korda and Tony Finau.

Nelly Korda & Tony Finau

Saturday, December 9, 2023

Q. Guys, two days down, one day left to go. I know alternate shot’s really tough and the whole golf ball situation’s always going to be a challenge. How did today go? We’ll start with Tony.

TONY FINAU: Yeah, that’s great. We’ve been struggling with that all week, we don’t know who’s going to answer. We appreciate this.

I thought it went pretty well. I made some mistakes around the greens that I’d like to have back, but at the end of the day we’re in great position to win a golf tournament tomorrow. I think, you know, if we play a good one tomorrow, we’re going to have a great chance to win. All things considered, it’s been a really fun couple days and today was fun as well.

NELLY KORDA: Positive vibes, positive vibes going into Sunday.

Q. So did you use Tony’s golf ball a decent amount? How did that go about today?

NELLY KORDA: I think we actually used your golf ball the majority of the round. Actually Tony had the majority of the second shots into the greens the way we played it. Yeah, I mean, I think in alternate shot it’s such a tricky format that whenever you can get a score under par and still be in contention like we are for Sunday, I think that’s good. Hopefully we can put together a good score going tomorrow.

Q. So the game plan came about on the driving range or is this something you guys were discussing yesterday during the round? How did that go?

NELLY KORDA: It kind of switched when we saw each other in the gym.

TONY FINAU: Exactly. I was like I think I should be hitting the evens and you should be hitting the odds. Before today it was odds and evens. So it ended up working out, whatever Nelly was comfortable with. I think both of us, we could have done it either way, but I thought we did a good job of just strategizing that, but it definitely happened before the round today.

Q. Love that, working on the fly. So for tomorrow any strategy, anything that you guys are already thinking about now or will this be discussed tomorrow morning in the gym as well?

TONY FINAU: Yeah, probably discussed tomorrow morning. I think we have a good beat on each other’s golf ball at least. I got to hit a couple of — used her golf ball a couple times and vice versa. So whatever the game plan is, bombs and bombs on the greens and bombs off the tee, that’s what we’re looking tomorrow.

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